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Are you looking to recruit work-ready graduates? At UCLan our course portfolio includes over 400 titles across a broad range of disciplines - from marketing to media, computing to construction. With a student population totalling over 30,000, a high volume of motivated and work-ready UCLan students graduate each year.

To find out how UCLan graduate could boost your business, or to advertise your vacancies, get in touch with our Graduate Recruitment Team who will work with you to promote your opportunities to all our students and graduates. Please contact the team on 01772 895858 or email

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These are structured work experience programmes where a student spends time working for an organisation as a full-time member of staff, before returning to University to continue their studies. Experience has shown that students undertaking a placement as part of their degree/post graduate course rapidly become part of the workforce, and are able to make a real difference to business operations bringing fresh ideas, energy and current knowledge. As placements are supported by an academic from UCLan, businesses can also tap into specific areas of research or expertise. Placements can be offered from subject areas right across the University and last for around 48 weeks for sandwich degree students or shorter durations for students undertaking placement modules.

These are paid placements with responsibility for remuneration remaining with the employer. Students are employed on a fixed term basis and as such are treated as a member of the workforce. UCLan students can undertake a year in industry placement between their second and final year of study. These placements need to be organised well in advance of the September start date each year, so if you are interested in participating in the ‘year in industry’, or other short-term placements please contact to discuss your requirements.


We define internships as a period of paid work experience, for students or graduates, of between 2 to 16 weeks. This normally takes place over the Easter or summer period and works around business needs, being either part or full time.

Recruiting an intern can be an excellent way to bring additional talent into the workplace, providing additional resources to the team to tackle a defined or new project, perhaps helping to develop an area of work where up-to-date knowledge or research is required.

Internships also provide the student or graduate with invaluable work experience and professional development.

Internships are paid via the business and we can work with you to design the right type of internship for your business needs. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

We don’t recommend the use of unpaid internships. Industry insight experiences can benefit both businesses and students, providing valuable short periods of work experience. These could be offered for up to four weeks and student expenses should be covered during this time.

We know that Internships provide a real taste of the working world and give the opportunity to build fundamental employability skills relevant to the industry

“37% of graduate job vacancies are expected to be filled by students who have previously worked for the organisation”

High Fliers (2014)

UCLan is keen to support Graduates and local employers in benefiting from Internships. As part of our commitment additional funding may be available via our Graduate Internship Scheme 2016. The scheme runs between October and January each year and can offer specific internships funding support for a maximum of 50% of the employment costs for a 12 week internship.

Terms and conditions apply, please contact for more information about this option.