Corporate Information

Companies and Trusts


 Centralan Holdings Limited and its Subsidiary Companies

  • Centralan Holdings Limited
  • UCLan Business Services Limited
  • UCLan Dental Clinic Limited
  • UCLan (Overseas) Limited
  • UCLan Technology (Shenzhen) Limited
  • UCLan (HK) Limited


Centralan Holdings Limited

  • Michael Ahern (Chair)
  • Mike Thomas
  • Sarah Woolford


UCLan Business Services Limited

  • Allison Jones (Chair)
  • St.John Crean
  • Dharma Kovvuri
  • John Lonsdale


UCLan Dental Clinic Limited

  • Lynne Livesey (Chair)
  • Doug Hammond
  • Malcolm Edwards

UCLan (Overseas) Limited

  • Allison Jones
  • Timothy Steele
  • Liz Bromley



UCLan Technology (Shenzhen) Limited

  • Robert Walsh (Chair)
  • John Lonsdale

UCLan (HK) Limited

  • Robert Walsh (Chair)
  • John Lonsdale


Corporate structure, procedure note and code of practice

Corporate Structure

Procedure Note for Investments by the University in Companies not wholly owned by the University

Code of Practice for Directorships of Companies outside the scope of the University Group but in which the University has a financial interest



Companies - Publication Schemes

Centralan Holdings Limited (.pdf 21.9KB)
UCLan Business Services Limited (.pdf 23.8KB) 
UCLan (Overseas) Limited (.pdf 23.1KB)
UCLan Dental Clinic Limited (.pdf 240KB)
UCLan (HK) Limited (.pdf  159KB)
UCLan Technology (Shenzhen) Limited (.pdf 161KB)

Contact: Ian Fisher



Trustees of the Group Death in Service Scheme


  • Michael Ahern
  • Daniel Benham
  • Ken Lee
  • Lynne Livesey

Secretary - Denise Helm

The Trustees of this Group meet once a year.
For further information and dates of meetings contact: Denise Helm