UCLan's Library Collection

Leave your mark at UCLan and contribute to the success of future UCLan students…give to the UCLan Library Collection!

Any university library will rank as one of the most important parts of a student’s studies, so a well-stocked, up-to-date and innovative library is absolutely crucial.

Whilst UCLan’s library has been voted the UK’s seventh best library (out of 106) in previous years, we believe that our students deserve the best and we continue to strive for the number one spot. The UCLan Library Collection allows you to help us achieve this.

The extra funding raised through the UCLan Library Collection will help us immensely in our attempt to reach this goal. Plus, any book that your contribution (minimum £20) helps us to purchase will feature a UCLan book plate in your name (or friend/family if preferred), so you really will leave your mark in the UCLan library.

The reach of each book in the library is huge and the contribution it has for our students is priceless.


People in the library

“The library means everything to me. Books, journals and a place to put the mind to work is what a student needs…in short, a student can’t survive without the library."

Pratima Reddy-Chennuri (MSC DNA Profiling)