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Clare Cook

Senior Lecturer in Print and Online Journalism

School of Journalism, Media and Performance

Greenbank Building, GR244

+44 (0) 1772 89 4737

Subject Areas: Journalism

Clare is research active within the area of journalism, media theory and practice. She is a member of the Media Innovation Studio and the Journalism research group.

Full Profile

Clare is an award-winning journalist with ten years' experience. She has been researching social media and the business of journalism for four years, including studies and publications on the revenue models of restricted media, the potential for emerging and alternative business models, and the wider impact of technology on media business. She lectures in the UK and in Europe on social media and its impact on journalism. Her research includes Research Council UK funded projects exploring collaborative revenue models and open media innovation. She has lead and been involved in several research bids with national and international research councils and has been commissioned by several external bodies to carry out research projects within the civil society and hyperlocal media sphere. She co-founded the Media Innovation Studio, the University of Central Lancashire's media research and development lab in the UK. She speaks internationally in French and English, including events such as SxSw in Texas, Google Campus’ Journalism Entrepreneurs Summit, at Obsweb and Conférence nationale des métiers du journalisme. Clare graduated from the University of Hull with Special BA(Hons) in European Studies and has since completed her National Certificate Journalism and NCTJ. She became a fellow of the Higher Academic Institute with her PG Certificate in Teaching and Learning. She is currently a PhD candidate at Uclan.


Cook, Clare Elizabeth (2015) Fragile Finance: The revenue model of oppositional news outlets in repressive regimes. International Communication Gazette

Cook, Clare Elizabeth (2015) Collaborative Revenue Capture for Exiled Media 

Cook, Clare Elizabeth (2014) Open Media Innovation

Cook, Clare Elizabeth and Sirkunnen, Esa (2014) What's in a niche? Exploring the business model of online journalism. Journal of Media Business Studies Volume 10 Number 4

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Clare is a specialist in social media and online journalism. She is currently co-authoring a book to be published in 2013, Social Media for Journalists. She has experience working with magazine publishers such as Haymarket on quantitative analysis.

Her research papers include exploratory uses of social media in the coverage of the EU elections and Lisbon Treaty, pedagogic research into teaching and assessing engagement in social media, as well as a conference paper; County Magazines: lost in cyberspace? argues how county magazines are turning their back on digital extensions

She is often found at conferences including #bbcsms #news:rw #futureeveryting #mindtrek

Teaching Activities and Responsibilities

Clare is Course Leader for BA(Hons) Media Management.

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Follow @cecook. Often found writing or mountain biking with her husband at Mountain Bike Skills